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ASTI's outputs are frequently referenced in high‐level meetings and reports. ASTI’s most recent set of data and outputs for Africa are playing an important role in informing the debates surrounding the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program and the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa. An external review in 2014 concluded that ASTI data and analyses have provided an effective platform allowing policymakers to track countries’ agricultural research progress over time. The findings and outputs of ASTI’s work have important policy relevance at national, regional, and international levels and are widely recognized as the most authoritative source of information on the support for and structure of agricultural research worldwide. Through technical assessments of usage of the data and in-depth consultations with international, regional, and national users/stakeholders, the review validated the unique contributions of ASTI in informing knowledge about agricultural research systems and capacity. The review also stated that the demand for ASTI data is a result of existing/previous advocacy participation of the ASTI team in engaging with regional platforms and organizations.

An increasing number of countries use ASTI data as a tool to advocate for increased research funding, increase the retirement age of scientists, training opportunities, and so on. ASTI has also (indirectly) improved M&E systems of many African agricultural research institutes.

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