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Women in African Agricultural Research Data Portal

About this portal

Female agricultural researchers, professors, and senior managers offer different insights from their male counterparts. They provide an important perspective in addressing the unique and pressing challenges of all farmers, and female farmers in particular. Consequently, it is crucial that agricultural research agencies employ a balance of male and female researchers. This portal provides detailed sex-disaggregated data on human resources in agricultural research, thereby offering an essential tool to decision-makers and research managers to set priorities and benchmarks, and to monitor progress over time.

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Country scoreboards

The country scoreboards provide a comprehensive overview of the distribution of male and female agricultural researchers by degree, age bracket, and institutional category for the latest year available. They permit easy comparisons of gender-disaggregated human resource indicators across countries.

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Country pages

More detailed sex-disaggregated timeseries data on male and female agricultural researchers are available on the ASTI/AWARD country pages. These interactive pages facilitate comprehensive cross-country data comparisons. All graphs and data on the country pages are available for download and further customization by users.

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