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Data for CGIAR Centers

Since the late-1980s, CGIAR has produced yearly financial reports comprising numerous detailed data on the staffing, funding, and expenditures of CGIAR centers and the system as a whole. ASTI has extracted the most relevant (and consistent) data to make it more readily accessible to users. The figures provided offer interesting insights into the financial developments of the CGIAR system and its centers over time. The underlying data can also be downloaded for further analysis.

Screengrab showing CGIAR data charts

Center-specific data / CGIAR totals

Total spending, spending allocations (by region), funding trends, funding allocations, major donors, donor groups and staffing trends - for each CGIAR center

Screengrab showing CGIAR data charts

CGIAR centers compared

Timelines of total spending, total funding, total staff, and total international staff

CGIAR is a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food secure future. CGIAR research is carried out by 15 Centers, that are members of the CGIAR Consortium, in close collaboration with hundreds of partner organizations. The 15 Research Centers generate and disseminate knowledge, technologies, and policies for agricultural development through the CGIAR Research Programs.

Data for ILRI include ILCA and ICLARM, for Bioversity include INIBAP. See centers chronology for more information on the history of the Centers