The intention of ASTI’s analytical component is to develop a strategic research agenda utilizing a network of analysts in selected countries and regions to facilitate the conversion of ASTI’s resources—in terms of its data sets, research capacity, and relationships—into evidence-based, demand-driven outreach that influences outcomes

The research focuses on targeted evaluations of agricultural research investments, human resource capacities, and policy developments, together with their impact on food security, economic growth, and overall development.

ASTI’s research agenda incorporates a systematic approach to analyzing, and where appropriate monitoring the following areas:

  • The performance of the national agricultural research systems in developing countries by weighing their strengths and weaknesses, assessing how research investments relate to the quantity and quality of research outputs, and analyze the optimal allocation of these investments to achieve policy goals at the country level.
  • Long-term impact and performance of agricultural research and innovation systems on technical change and agricultural productivity growth, and the research investments that need to be made today to maximize impact and achieve development goals.
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