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Credible quantitative and qualitative information on existing capacities in African agricultural higher education agencies are extremely important for strategic planning, policy formulation, setting priorities and benchmarks, measuring progress towards these benchmarks, and identifying capacity gaps. This portal provides detailed country-level data on the teaching staff at higher education sectors to assist decision-makers to obtain a better understanding of the specifics of existing staffing capacities in the higher education sector in their countries. The portal currently concentrates on Africa, but its geographical focus will be expanded over time.

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Detailed timeseries data on various demographic characteristics of teaching staff at the higher education sectors are available on the ASTI/RUFORUM country pages. These interactive pages facilitate comprehensive cross-country data comparisons. All graphs and data on the country pages are available for download and further customization by users.

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The benchmarking tool for the higher education sector in Africa enables cross-country comparisons and rankings of key teaching staffing indicators.

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